About Kim Raymond BA (Hons)

Making art for art's sake is a wonderful, utopian ideal. Making art for people is something else.

"For over forty years I have been creating art for product. Initially, for The Walt Disney Company, then for British comics where I drew Roy of the Rovers, Judge Dredd and others, and then back again working for Disney, where I had been until recently for the last 30 or more years.

At Disney we were always taught the importance of life study. These works are the product of that study and my love of the human form. It takes me back to my thirties when I was painting and drawing figures and selling them throughout the UK through my agent. In those days Limited Editions were printed in four-colour process, meaning the fidelity of the print and its honesty to the original depended upon only four colours; cyan blue, magenta pink, yellow and black.

The problem with that is that a painting containing, for instance, ultramarine blue, the most beautiful colour out there and one that is ostensibly a blend of pure blue and a touch of pink will struggle to reproduce accurately. That is because the cyan blue in printing is a pure blue with a touch of yellow. And this means that if you try to add a bit of magenta pink in the printing process (in reality a mix of dots so it's really an 'optical' mix) you are actually making ultramarine out of blue, pink and yellow - a tertiary colour - giving you a kind of bluey-grey. Not ideal, and there were a lot of colours like ultramarine that four-colour process struggled with.

Fast forward to today and we have the benefit of one of the most amazing technologies out there for artists; Giclée printing. It uses 11 different ink colours and prints on archival artists' papers at high resolution so that the finished result is like the original work. I am so happy to return to painting and drawing now, and look forward to making my work available to many more people at affordable prices."

My home studio in Hampshire today.

One of the many TV appearances over my Disney career. This one being to show kids how to draw Mickey Mouse. I'm still proud of my Blue Peter Badge!